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The CheckTrees.com portal contains detailed information on more than one million trees growing outside the forest. It brings the most extensive know-how in the field of arboriculture and offers extensive possibilities for managing and sharing this data.

Normally, only the owners of the data can access the data on www.checktrees.com. Currently, more than three thousand registered users use the database. However, SAFE TREES allows data owners to share access to the data on the portal with the general public. Thanks to our company, customers thus get a powerful tool for communicating with citizens on environmental issues for free.

The field portal www.StromyPodKontrolou.cz is one of the essential tools for European professional arborists. The content of the portal includes the registration and management of tree treatment proposals, the registration of companion organisms on trees, information on instrument tests and special applications. Tree valuation is also included. The portal is currently translated into 12 world languages.

Minimum System Requirements:

Up-to-date version of Chrome, Edge or Firefox web browser

Territorial restrictions

No restrictions. Country-specific functionality may not be available for all users (felling agenda, felling requests).


Free of charge

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Data collection application

Commercial use of the portal www.stromypodkontrolou.cz is enabled by a client application for Android and iOS tablets. The app works offline and can be downloaded for free from the official Google Play store and App Store. Subsequent publication of collected data on the industry portal is possible after purchasing a credit.

Minimum system requirements of the Android version

Tablet with at least 9,7 inch screen with Android version 4.4 or higher

Minimum system requirements of the iOS version

Any Apple iPad tablet with OS version 13 or higher

Territoriall restrictions

No restrictions


The app is free to download and use. Data export, print reports and data publication are possible after release by deduction of a paid credit. The first time a tree or tree group is released, 2 units of credit are deducted. Repeated releases of a tree or a tree group will result in a deduction of 1 unit of credit. The price of 1 unit of credit is 25 CZK excluding VAT for customers from the Czech republic, 1.20 EUR fro customers from other EU countries, 1.20 GBP fro customers from the Great Britain and 1.20 USD for customers from the rest of the world.

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Mobile client for CheckTrees

Mobile client for the www.checktrees.com portal allows viewing and managing tree data in the field (checking treatments, taking new photos, marking felled trees, etc.). The application works interactively - changes made are immediately visible on the portal.

Minimum system requirements

Phones or tablets with Android OS version 4.0.3 or higher

Territoriall restrictions

>No restrictions


Free of charge

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TreeCheck Pro

TreeCheck PRO software is a tool designed for municipal administration and planning. It uses information on areas, types and condition of green infrastructure. It offers the user a new view of the city in terms of ecosystem services which are calculated and presented in this product. The software quantifies the ability of green spaces to cool the surrounding environment during the growing season through the processes of shading and evapotranspiration (water evaporation).

The tool works with information from the green passport and dendrological survey of cities supplemented by the a neural network analysis of aerial photos. This offers the possibility to apply scientific knowledge to effectively design urban environments to reduce overheating in the summer months and thus reduce the risks arising from the urban heat island.

The analysis is based on the calculation apparatus developed in the LIFE TreeCheck project.

Minimum system requirements

Up-to-date version of Chrome, Edge or Firefox web browser

Territoriall restrictions

Czech republic, Slovak republic, Poland, Hungary

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Other industry software

We are the industry's leading supplier of software for the management and analysis of non-forest trees. We work with government and non-profit organizations on these activities.

We develop and support: